Application Process

If you're interested in joining a team of people who are singularly focused on ensuring that all students have access to a quality education, the steps for our application process are:

Step 1: Online Application

Complete and submit an online application here. This ensures all your information is in one place for our recruiters to review.

Step 2: Phone Interview

Participate in a 25 minute phone interview with a recruiter to share your experience and interest in detail.  To supplement a phone interview, you may receive a 5-6 question ‘Teacher Candidate Survey’ for us to get to know you beyond your resume and cover letter.

Step 3: Demo Lesson & Interview

Our in-person demo lesson and interview allow us to further explore your potential match with our schools. You teach a 30 minute lesson where we can assess your content knowledge and lesson delivery. After the lesson, you’ll reflect and receive feedback from a school leader.  We believe that feedback is the best way to invest in the capacity of our teacher leaders.